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How can I subscribe to your newsletter to stay updated on new launches?

We are so excited to send you all kinds of updates and news once you join our community!. How to subscribe:. Simply add your email in the newsletter box at the bottom of any page on If you're navigating through the website without being lo

I've forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Don't stress! It happens to the best of us. Here's how you can recover your password:. 1. Click on the account icon on the top right corner of any page at 2. Click on Forgot your password? as shown below:. 3. Provide your email address and

How does the referral program work?

Share the love! Give your friends €20 off and get €20 off for it. If you recently purchased on you will receive an email inviting you to Refer a friend. How does it work?. 1. You tell a friend about ALOHAS by sharing the link you will recei

How can I redeem my ALOHAS Circle Rewards points?

Redeeming your points has never been easier!. You will be able to see all the rewards you can get, but only those for which you have the necessary points will be unlocked. For the ones you don't have available yet, you will have the opportunity to se

How can I check how many ALOHAS Circle points I have?

Checking how many points you have in our ALOHAS Circle Program is super easy!. 1. Log in to your ALOHAS account. 2. From the left menu, click on the ALOHAS Circle Reward section. 3. Find your current balance. 4. See how many points you have and how m

Is my personal information kept private?

Your security and privacy are of extreme importance to us. Please be assured that your personal information on the ALOHAS Online Store is kept private and confidential and at no point will it get sold or rented. To register, we will need to know your

How can I change my account email or password?

If you wish to change your account email or password, you can do it in just a few quick steps!. 1. Click on the Privacy section from the right menu in your account. 2. Reset your password or your email as shown below. 3. You're all set!.

How do I edit my customer details, telephone number or delivery address?

If you wish to change your personal details, phone number or delivery address, here's how you can do it in a few quick steps!. 1. Click on the Details section from the right menu on your account. 2. Click on Add a new address and complete the informa

What are the benefits of joining the ALOHAS Circle Rewards program?

Joining our reward program allows you to get points every time you contribute to making our brand and community bigger!. The benefits you get depend on how many points you have:. Advantages of the PREMIER level:. Advantages of the ICON level:. Advant

How can I get more ALOHAS Circle points?

Join ALOHAS Circle Rewards and you will instantly get 50 points to get you started. Here are a few ways you can get more points:. In line with our sustainable fashion premises, you get more points when shopping on-demand or vegan products. Remember y

How can I get discounts and promotion codes?

To get exclusive offers and promotional codes to purchase at at a discounted price, just stay in touch and help us build our community!. How can you do this, you ask?. Looking for an exclusive offer - like for YOU only? Please reach out to