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Do I have to pay customs fees?Updated 4 months ago

If the delivery address is in a country outside the European Union, you automatically become an importer. This means that your order will usually be retained in customs upon arrival in your country, waiting for the importer (you) to comply with the duty and tax payment. 

As a general rule, remember that:

  • For EU shipments, no customs costs are due at delivery.
  • For UK shipments, no customs costs are due unless the order is above £135 and will be paid at checkout. For more information, check the article: Can I pay customs in advance? 
  • For USA shipments, no customs costs are due unless the order is above $800.

ALOHAS will not be made responsible for the payment of these costs and rejecting to pay the amount at delivery will occur in a €90 penalty fee that will be subtracted from any refunds.

Customs duties are determined by your local customs authority, so we have no control over these and cannot predict how much they may cost. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so you may wish to contact your local customs office for further information.

To proceed to the payment, please reach out to your local courier or, if available on the courier platform, proceed to online payment.

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