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How and where are your shoes produced?Updated 7 months ago

At ALOHAS, we are very proud of our sustainable choice of local production. Since its launch in 2015, our shoes have been produced in the coastal region of Alicante, Spain.

Over the years, we have built meaningful relationships with our production teams and worked together on constantly improving the quality of our products. Producing locally helps us with our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and ensures a lower carbon footprint, regular visits to manufacturing facilities by the team to ensure prime labor conditions, and in our case, careful craftsmanship by trusted artisans. The handpicked providers we work with include Leather Working Group-certified suppliers. 

Our leather is not treated with any chemical products - it's carefully selected for its quality. Your ALOHAS are made of finely tanned leather with gorgeous variations in colors and texture, so every pair of ALOHAS is unique. This is what makes them special and it's an element of authenticity, not a flaw!

How do our artisan-made shoes see the light? Here is an example of the multiple Instagram videos we have posted to share more information on what day-by-day looks like at our factory. 

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