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How to measure your feetUpdated 8 months ago

We've prepared for you an easy-to-use guide on how to measure your feet so you can select the best size for your new ALOHAS.

1. Place a piece of paper on the floor with one end against a wall and plant your foot with the heel leaning on it. Make sure you’re standing on a hard, smooth surface - hardwood or tiles will do. 

2. Mark the tip of the big toe with a pen and use a ruler to measure the distance between this point and the edge of the sheet. Unless you’re really good at yoga, you might need to ask another person to help you with this. 

3. If you like your footwear to fit slightly loose, we recommend considering an additional 0.5 cm so that your toes can enjoy a little extra wiggle room.  

4. Repeat the same process with the other foot. Don’t worry if you end up with two different lengths -  it’s quite common for feet to be one slightly bigger than the other. 

Top Tips!
  • As feet tend to swell throughout the day, you should take measurements in the evening to ensure your ALOHAS won’t feel tight.
  • If you’re shopping for closed shoes or boots, we recommend wearing socks as you do this.
For more information, make sure you also review our article  Size selection - how do I know if a product will fit me?

Just like the rest of your body, feet are unique. So ultimately, when it comes to buying a new pair of ALOHAS, you know best what suits you and what doesn’t. In case you still have doubts, our Customer Care team is happy to help!
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