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What should I do if I have not received my package even though it says 'Delivered'?Updated 2 months ago

Didn't receive your order even though the tracking link says it was delivered?

If your package is marked as 'Delivered' from the delivery courier but you do not have it in your possession, so you think your package is lost or missing, we advise you to check with the members of your household or neighbors to find out if they have received or seen your package. We also recommend you check around your property as it is possible that the parcel was left there. Secondly, reach out to your local courier to confirm the delivery status.

If you still cannot locate your package after all these checks, please contact us as soon as possible. We might need to start an official investigation with the courier and the Postal Inspection Service within a month from the delivery date. We will request you to review, sign, and return an official claim to do so.

Once started, please allow us time to review and investigate your request with our business partners. We appreciate your patience: be aware that due to general couriers' policies, it could take a few weeks to fully resolve,  and can be longer based on seasonality.  

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