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When will I receive my order?Updated a month ago

All orders are subject to a processing time that is separate from the shipping time.

Make sure you check your order recap and order confirmation email to have a clear understanding of which kind of order you submitted, based on the products purchased. We currently distinguish into 3 categories: in-stock, pre-order, and combined orders.

  1. IN STOCK. Orders with available items - in stock - are shipped 1 or 2 business days after the order has been placed, except if placed during the weekend or a local holiday. In that case, it would be processed the following business day. Times may vary during peak seasons. This order cannot be edited as it immediately goes into a preparation phase with our warehouse, so product, size, and address changes cannot be applied.

  2. PRE-ORDER. The shipping of on-demand items - pre-order - depends on the estimated date reflected on the webpage - or order email confirmation - when the order is placed. Remember the estimated shipping window is 10 days from the date shown in your order confirmation. As the product will be produced especially for you, we cannot accelerate this process to send it at an earlier date. 

  3. COMBINED. If your order contains one or more items in pre-order or with different pre-order dates - combined orders - remember that because our company’s mission is built on sustainability, we send all items together once they're ready. You will see each item has a different delivery date on your order confirmation; however, we will be sending over the full order at the latest delivery date provided.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email when your parcel leaves our warehouse. It will include all tracking information.

Generally, shipping for a new collection begins a total of 8 weeks after launch (good things take time and you know it!). If you want to know more about On-Demand, feel free to browse through the article What does on-demand mean?

As soon as the parcel leaves our warehouse, we will send you a shipping confirmation. This email will contain your tracking information so you can check the exact status of the shipment at any time.

Please note that due to our disruptive production method - in which all our items get produced after the purchase of a pre-order - shipping and production delays may occur on occasion. We are working extremely hard to avoid issues like this in the future and we will make sure we inform you accordingly if this happens.

If the estimated shipping date has passed and the shipping window time finalized with no shipping confirmation email, please contact us and we will give you a new estimated date.

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