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Where is my order and how can I track it?Updated 4 months ago

After placing your purchase, you will receive the order confirmation email with the estimated shipping date. You can also access your order through the VIEW ORDER link at the bottom of this email. Remember: for pre-orders, the estimated shipping window is 10 days from the date shown in your order confirmation. 

As soon as the parcel leaves our warehouse, we will send you a shipping confirmation. This email will contain your tracking information so you can check the exact status of the shipment at any time.

Please note that due to our disruptive production method - in which all our items get produced after purchase of a pre-order - shipping and production delays may occur on occasion. We are working extremely hard to avoid issues like this in the future. 

However, if the estimated shipping date has passed and you haven't received a confirmation email, please contact us and we will give you a new estimated date.

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