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Will the already available items from my order be shipped immediately, or can I split the order?Updated 25 days ago

As all our company policies seek to embrace sustainability, we usually send the entire order in one go, to avoid the contamination caused by doing multiple shipments to the same place. If a customer orders multiple items, we send the full order once the last product is ready.  This means that if your order contains both in-stock and on-demand products, or items with different pre-order shipping start dates, the shipping phase of the full order will start once all the products are available for shipment.

However, if you prefer to receive your already available items as soon as possible, we can select a split shipment option directly at checkout 

Costs may vary based on delivery countries. To know the exact cost applicable to your split shipment, make sure you add all the products you want to purchase and your delivery address so the system will automatically calculate it for you.

If you need a partial shipment after the purchase has been created in our system, do not worry! If the order contains products already available at the moment of your request - in-stock products or pre-order products with a past shipping start date - you can request a post-purchase partial shipment. We cannot always guarantee this action will be performed successfully, but we will do our best to make an exception for you and rearrange the order preparation, although it may take some time as this is out of our normal processes. Contact us so we can check it: if it's doable, you will receive a payment request to complete the partial shipment process to be processed in our warehouse.

Please be aware that this would affect the customs fees and you might end up paying them twice. No refund request will be accepted in this case.

We do not encourage this procedure, as it is not sustainable and has a more negative impact on the environment, causing more pollution and waste. Nevertheless, if you want to proceed with the partial shipment, please contact us via contact form or via chat to request it.

For more information about the delivery timing of your order, check When will I receive my order?

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