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Are all your products vegan?Updated 9 months ago

If you're reading this, you've come to the perfect place to look for the best vegan footwear!

At ALOHAS, we have a great and continuously growing selection of vegan styles, created by carefully hand-crafted plants and recycled leathers. 


1. Go to 

2. On the homepage banner, click on Vegan to browse through any of our vegan items - from boots to heels and loafers (even bags!)

Our journey into the development of a more sustainable product started by researching leather alternatives. First, we looked for vegan options, finding a great variety of synthetic leathers made from polyester and resins. From this research, SVegan came to life!


Taking inspiration from wild, explosive, and vibrant splashes of color with a playful touch, SVegan is one of our most prized shoe collections. Made from 100% vegan materials including PU leather, it's one of our most successful to date.

What makes Svegan different from other brands?

Do you often have trouble finding quality vegan shoes? We will never make you choose between your personal style and the well-being of our planet. This brand was conceived to deliver style while preserving sustainability in fashion. Svegan is your number one option for 100% vegan shoes. Our designs are colorful, vibrant, and playful, and will give you a taste of what's in store for the next generation of sustainable fashion. 

Why is Svegan considered sustainable?

All of our products are 100% vegan in response to a growing demand for fashion that does not harm animals or requires the massive amount of natural resources that animal products do. Consider this the missing piece of the path to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our search continued with a second premise: finding vegan materials that were also sustainable. And that's when Second Life Project started!

Second Life Project

A vegan capsule collection made with two sustainable plant-based options: cactus and corn. Giving old materials from the earth a second life in your wardrobe is our way of showing love to the planet. ALL 2nd life materials are RECYCLED: leather, soles, and fibers.

Cactus leather is manufactured in Mexico. After cutting the leaves, they are left to dry under the sun, so there’s no additional energy used in this drying process. Then they process the organic raw material to make it part of their patented formula which allows them to make Desserto®.

Corn leather is made in Italy. This type of leather is made of recycled polyester and biopolyols, obtained from corn. Corn is an agricultural product with large quantities of starch. Manufacturers extract this starch from plant fibers, break it down into sugars, ferment them and separate them into polymers. It’s water-resistant, lighter than real leather, and can be dry-cleaned. This makes it quite durable.

For more information related to this project, please visit us.

Also, make sure you join our bustling ALOHAS Community, where like-minded people discuss all things fashion, sustainability, and more!

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