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Product Care

All you need to know to take care of your ALOHAS!

How do I take care of my ALOHAS?

When we find a product that fits one or more of the parameters to have the perfect combination of style, comfort, and durability, we want it to last! To protect them from stains, water, and dirt, and in order to maximize their lifespan, we've gathere

Is your leather certified?

At  ALOHAS, we take pride in crafting all our shoes from responsibly sourced leather certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG). As the largest organization dedicated to auditing leather distribution chains worldwide, LWG certifies suppliers that m

Are your products waterproof?

We carefully select premium, natural materials to handcraft our products. Since we avoid using any chemicals, we advise against wearing your ALOHAS in wet areas, as our products are not waterproof.Occasionally, and when clearly specified, a product m

How can I provide feedback on a product I have purchased?

As part of our continuous efforts to improve, we value customer feedback. Here's how you can share your opinion and help us get better at what we do:. 1 - Check your inbox - you'll receive an email inviting you to review your purchase. 2 - Answer que

Are all your products vegan?

If you're reading this, you've come to the perfect place to look for the best vegan footwear!. At ALOHAS, we have a great and continuously growing selection of vegan styles, created by carefully hand-crafted plants and recycled leathers. Interested?.

How to Break In a New Pair of Shoes

Say goodbye to sore feet!. Excited to slip into your fresh pair of ALOHAS? We know how you feel. But before you hit the pavement, take a moment to properly break them in. Trust us, it’ll save you from potential discomfort later on. Want to know how?