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How to Break In a New Pair of ShoesUpdated 4 months ago

So long, sore feet! 

Okay, so you’ve just received your new ALOHAS in the mail and want to slip them on right away. We’ve been there, we get it. However, you should really take the time to break them in properly before hitting the street or they might end up hurting with every other step.

Wonder how? Here’s what we recommend… 

  •  First of all, don’t rush to put them on. Be it a strappy sandal or a lace-up boot, it’s important to fasten footwear tightly to stop your foot from slipping around from side to side and ending up covered in blisters. 
  • Wear them at home. Yes, we know you don’t usually pad around the house in high heels, but this will help you get used to your new shoes little by little. Plus, if it gets too uncomfortable, you can pop the off at any time and give your tootsies a break.  Moisture, moisture, moisture! It might sound more like a beauty routine, but it really works as it prevents your feet and your shoes from rubbing together. A thick layer of cream or petroleum jelly will work wonders, especially if you live in a dry climate or suffer from dry skin. 
  • Chunky socks can save you. Not only do they function as a barrier to protect your feet, but they also help stretch out the shoes whatever material they’re made of. And if you’re going to ask about wearing them with sandals, it’s a yes from us.     

  • One step at a time. Try to wear your ALOHAS a little longer each time until they feel comfortable. It won’t happen overnight, but your patience will eventually pay off. 

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