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Is your leather certified?Updated 4 months ago

All of our shoes are crafted out of Leather Working Group Certified Leather. 

The Leather Working Group is the largest organization in the world dedicated to auditing leather supply chains around the globe and certifying the ones that live up to a strict set of sustainability standards. It’s no secret that leather is one of the most durable, high-quality materials for winter, but picking the right suppliers to work with is key in order to ensure environmental best practices are not compromised.

Because leather happens to be one of the star elements in its fall collections, ALOHAS works with certified sustainable suppliers who have received the seal of approval from the Leather Working Group.

What that means for us:

1) Third-party assessment of the leather supply chain: The Environmental Audit Protocol is based on ensuring that waste is treated in an environmentally sound manner. All leather manufacturers are expected to be in compliance with local regulations or with Environmental Audit Protocol requirements, whichever are more stringent.

2) World-renowned certification for sustainable materials: All our leather products are marked with a traceability number that ensures we are able to identify the certified suppliers that provided the material for the product. ALOHAS has been awarded gold and silver medals for the materials used.

3) Helping improve the environmental impact of leather: Bringing you shoes that are LWG-approved ensures environmental best practices. We comply with all mandatory REACH regulations and provide a high level of human health and environmental protection from chemicals used during production.

In a nutshell: sustainable leathers, low-impact dying, and less pollution.

Learn more about the Leather Working Group and how it works.

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