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How can I exchange an item?Updated 25 days ago

We want you to love your ALOHAS as much as we do! If you aren’t entirely happy with your order, please request an exchange through our return website.

Exchanges are possible if you want to select different sizes of the same product. You will also be able to exchange your ALOHAS with other products on our website for up to 20€ more than the cost of your product, at no additional cost! Follow the process and we will recommend products for which you can exchange your items. You can also request Store Credit or just go ahead and use the 'Shop now' feature and we will give you an extra amount to be immediately spent on the next purchase!

Remember: you have 30 days from the date of delivery to request your exchange!

  • To exchange an item from a country included in the easy return list, please check our return instructions here.
  • To exchange an item from a country NOT included in the easy return list, please check our return instructions here.

To get more info on how to track your return, please consult our How can I track my return?

Once we receive the unwanted item(s) back in our warehouse, we will issue your new order or your store credit according to your preference and send the confirmation to you via email. 

Please note that this process may take several days. In case you need the correct item(s) as soon as possible, we recommend you make a new purchase from scratch and return your unwanted item(s) asking for a refund, which you will receive within approximately 10-15 days from the date it is processed.

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