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How should I prepare my package for return?Updated 24 days ago

To have your package ready for return, please follow these easy steps! 

To make sure we can process your return successfully, please adhere to the requirements below when returning your package: 

  • Use a plastic bag to cover the package (this is where the return label must be attached).
  •  The packaging/box must be the original one used and in perfect condition.* 
  •  Do not adhere labels or tape to the shoe box/packaging.* 
  •  Download the return form and place it inside the package and fill it in accordingly. To find the SKU number of the purchased product, check the show box label right where the size and model of your ALOHAS are indicated. It consists of six digits, a hyphen, and four additional digits, the last two of which represent the size number of your shoe, for example: S00442-2540 (where 40 is the shoe size).

*Please note: if packaging requirements are not met, a €5 penalty will be deducted from your balance.

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