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How can I know if a product is available in a specific ALOHAS Store?Updated 4 months ago

Thanks for your interest in our products!

Our retail adventure has just started! We are learning and pushing hard to create the perfect ALOHAS STORE, with the products you love and want to purchase.

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We do have our own ALOHAS STORES, but also Corners 

Also, you can use your zip code or city name to find your store like we show below:

To know if a product is available in a specific ALOHAS Store, you can reach out to our Customer Care team indicating the product and size you are interested in and we will check it for you. For the moment, if you don't have any ALOHAS stores around you, but you may be interested in visiting one of our corners or resellers, you can reach out directly to the reseller to check product availability.

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