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Discover our unique sustainable business model!

What does on-demand mean?

By committing to on-demand production, we champion sustainability by minimizing excess. With this approach, we exclusively manufacture items as they are ordered, ensuring no leftover stock ends up in landfills. We're well aware of fashion's significa

How is on-demand sustainable?

We consider on-demand production to be the best approach to address sustainability at its core. Instead of manufacturing in large quantities, we wait for orders to come in, allowing us to accurately assess demand. Consequently, we significantly reduc

How is ALOHAS sustainable?

As we know that the fashion industry has still a lot to answer for when it comes to sustainability, we are steadfast in our commitment to taking action wherever we can. On-Demand SystemWe produce only what you order, eliminating needless waste and en

What are the advantages of on-demand shopping?

If you're curious about the benefits of shopping on demand, we've compiled a list to help you make informed decisions with your next purchase. Sustainable Production. Embracing a 100% on-demand approach means we eliminate waste by only producing what

How do I know if a product is on-demand or just on sale?

At ALOHAS, we don’t believe in sales. We’ve fully reversed the traditional sales calendar. When you see an item at a discount of 30%, it means it was launched recently. In order to incentivize on-demand shopping, we give you this discount at launch,

Can an item in stock go back to being on-demand at a discount?

Items are available at 30% off exclusively on pre-order—meaning they have just been launched and have not yet been produced. Once a style returns to its regular price, it indicates that it's currently in stock and can be shipped to you immediately. U

Why are some sizes in stock and some in pre-order?

When launching a new style, all sizes are initially exclusively available for pre-order. However, as we gladly offer refunds for customers unsatisfied with their orders, certain items may be marked as 'in stock' once returned to our warehouse. Theref

How can you be sustainable if you use animal leather?

As we only ever produce on demand, we’re able to prioritize sustainability by minimizing waste in the first place. As in for materials, all our shoes are crafted locally from responsible leather certified by the Leather Working Group. This guarantees

Why do you use plastic on your packaging instead of sustainable alternatives?

We’re constantly working to make all our areas more sustainable - including plastic use. We’ve had curious customers asking about this and we wanted to let you know that we hear you! We are excited to announce that very soon you’ll be seeing our bran

Why don’t you use removable soles so shoes can last longer and be more sustainable?

We've received similar recommendations from others, and we've now escalated the idea to our dedicated design team. They’re currently working on it, and we'll hopefully share more information with you soon. Stay tuned for updates!

Will a product ever be back in stock?

If you're interested in a product that's currently sold out or not available, we unfortunately can't confirm when it will be restocked due to stock quantities being determined by demand. However, we highly encourage you to either add those items to y

Product testing in ALOHAS

Did you know you can join our testing program and become an ALOHAS Product Tester?. If you ever thought about influencing how our products are designed and crafted before they're even available, take the chance and help us test our products and contr

How can I know if a product is available in a specific ALOHAS Store?

Thanks for your interest in our products!. Our retail adventure has just started! We are learning and pushing hard to create the perfect ALOHAS STORE, with the products you love and want to purchase. To stay up-to-date on new ALOHAS store openings, l