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What does on-demand mean?Updated 24 days ago

By committing to on-demand production, we champion sustainability by minimizing excess. With this approach, we exclusively manufacture items as they are ordered, ensuring no leftover stock ends up in landfills.

We're well aware of fashion's significant environmental impact. Through our pre-order system, we accurately assess demand ahead of production, significantly reducing waste by only manufacturing what we sell. By shopping on demand, not only do you get to discover the latest trends before anyone else, but you also contribute to a better future for the planet.

Our pricing strategy revolutionizes the traditional fashion calendar, empowering you to make more sustainable choices. By planning your purchase ahead of time, you actively participate in reducing environmental impact. To incentivize on-demand shopping, we offer an initial launch discount of 30%. Once this initial launch phase is completed, the product will be at full price, whether it's still in pre-order, in production, or available in stock 

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