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What are the advantages of on-demand shopping?Updated 4 months ago

1. YOUR WISH IS ON-DEMAND: 0% waste is 100% on-demand. We produce only what you order, so we don’t use excess material - In a nutshell, we place you at the heart of this operation.

2. EARLY BIRD GETS A REWARD: We launch new capsules every Thursday at 30% off for a limited time only. Consider this discount your reward for supporting our sustainable movement!

3. GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME: Your item is produced from scratch so it’ll take a while, but it’s the sustainable journey that matters! 

Still, waiting for prices to drop to get your favorite styles? You can shop on-demand anytime (and help the planet while doing it). For more information about our business model, please visit On-Demand Fashion - ALOHAS.

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