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How is ALOHAS sustainable?Updated 3 months ago

As we know that the fashion industry has still a lot to answer for when it comes to sustainability, we are steadfast in our commitment to taking action wherever we can.

On-Demand System
We produce only what you order, eliminating needless waste and ensuring a more responsible shopping experience for everyone involved.

Local Production
All our shoes and clothes are proudly made in Europe, with our design and manufacturing teams based in Spain and Portugal. This not only ensures local production but also promotes a more environmentally friendly process throughout the supply chain.

Fair Labour Conditions
We prioritize the well-being and fair treatment of all our factory workers. Through our zero-tolerance policy on discrimination and strict code of conduct for suppliers, we strive to uphold the highest standards of social responsibility.

We use a variety of sustainable materials, including PU (polyurethane) for uppers and insoles, as well as cactus, corn and apple leathers in some of our plant-based collections. We also use recycled materials for soles, heels, caps, and linings. All our shoes are made from responsible leather certified by the Leather Working Group, promoting supply chain transparency and minimal environmental impact.

Carbon Credit
Our website offers a carbon offset program, meaning customers can donate towards reducing the negative footprint of e-commerce on the planet. By simply adding €2 to your shopping cart, you can support projects dedicated to native forest regeneration and renewable energy, actively contributing to address climate change with every purchase.

As a company, we recognize that our journey toward sustainability is ongoing, so instead of pursuing perfection, we focus on taking small steps to make continual progress along the path.

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