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What is the process for pre-ordered items and when will they be shipped?Updated 2 months ago

We're glad you're interested in our pre-ordered products. Pre-ordered items are made on demand, which means they are produced following your purchase. This sustainable approach ensures we produce only the items that are requested, preventing overproduction and waste.

As specified in the confirmation email and the order status, pre-ordered items have an estimated shipping window. Shipments for these items are planned to start on a specific date, and there is a 10-day shipping window. For example, if the estimated start date is June 23, shipping would be completed by July 3.

You can view your order details in your order confirmation email. Once your item is ready to leave our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information.

If you don't receive any updates by a certain date (e.g., early July for the example above), please reach out to us, and we will check the status of your order, however most probably we would have already reached out to you to give you an update. As soon as we produce the product for you, after and not before the order submission, the timeline may slightly vary.

Please note if you have multiple products in your order, we will send the full order when all the items are ready, so at the latest on-demand date. This applies to both orders with different on-demand products and dates but also orders with products both in stock and pre-order. For additional information on order delivery, please consult When will I receive my order?

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